EmerCert explained

EmerCert is a protocol for storing trust data for data and objects, whose representations are stored in the blockchain.

EmerCert allows you to build tagged hierarchical trust structures and calculate trust for certain nodes based on tags. The objects of the system are records of the name-value storage (NVS) stored in the blockchain.

There two kinds of elements are used to describe object trust relationships:

  1. An embedded Electronic Signature, applied by the issuer. For this type of trust the trust data is stored within the object being certified itself and can be deleted by the owner of the object.
  2. A stand-alone certificate object. It represents a separate object, usually owned by the issuer, and has to be certified by an embedded electronic signature.

The task solved by the protocol is to find a chain of trust between the participants of the system leading to a known trusted root.

This allows to determine which records have been checked by which checkers inside a decentralized system

In addition, EmerCert allows you to add records of object relationships and information about events related to an object to the blockchain. In the case of works of art, these could be records of exhibitions, expertises, sales, etc.

Certificates are valid only for a certain period of time and can be revoked at any time by the certificate holder. Usually the holder of a certificate object is the issuer.

In case of compromise of the holder (for example, loss of a key) it is possible to issue a revocation certificate by another trusted actor.
Revocation certificates have the highest priority. Any document for which a revocation certificate is issued is no longer trusted (valid).

The certificates are tagged. Trust is calculated for each tag separately. The "art" tag is used for the smartefact project's assets records.
Tags are not inherited (i.e., someone who is validated only by the "art" tag cannot issue certificates by that tag itself. To issue certificates, it has to be validated by the "cert:art" tag. )

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